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    The Australian Marine Conservation Society is the voice for Australia's ocean wildlife

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Our Staff

Darren Kindleysides, Director

Darren Kindleysides AMCS DirectorDarren Kindleysides has worked at AMCS since 2009 on a variety of issues including marine protected area establishment, threatened species conservation, sustainable fisheries management and mitigating the environmental impacts of marine industries, coastal development and shipping.

Darren has in-depth experience, knowledge and expertise in marine conservation having worked in this field for almost 20 years both in Australia and overseas. He has overseen the development and implementation of marine conservation programs, projects and campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the South Pacific and Europe, leading initiatives to safeguard Coral Sea reefs, Antarctic whales, Pacific turtles, Atlantic seabirds and North Sea cod.

Tooni Mahto, Marine Campaigner

Tooni Mahto, Marine CampaignerTooni's love of the sea began by causing havoc in rock pools as a child around the British coastline. Following gap year underwater adventures in Thailand and East Africa, she undertook a degree in Marine Biology, worked as a diving instructor in South Africa and led scientific expeditions in Mozambique and Malawi. She has worked in television in various capacities, including an underwater camera operator and researcher at the BBC's Natural History Unit.

While undertaking a Masters in Oceanography, Tooni was one of the presenters on the BBC series 'Oceans', where she was lucky enough to dive in locations from the Arctic to the tropics, including Tasmania. Tooni is never happier than when underwater, although surfing is currently vying for top sea-based activity.

Tooni has worked in marine conservation in both an educational and campaign capacity in the UK and abroad, and after filming a series about the underwater wonders of British seas, she has transferred her skills to Australia. Tooni is based in Victoria.

Fiona Maxwell, Marine Parks Campaign Manager

Fiona Maxwell AMCS Marine Parks Campaign Manager

Fiona grew up in Manly, South-east Queensland where she and her siblings spent hours exploring Moreton Bay’s intertidal rock pools and muddy mangroves.

Fiona studied marine biology at Griffith University and later travelled to Western Australia where she undertook honours studies on a nesting population of sea turtles in the Lowendal Islands.

Fiona has spent much of her working life focused on marine conservation, from sea turtle monitoring off North-west WA and Costa Rica to advocacy and campaign work for a range of Australian environment groups.

Fiona has also worked in wildlife management with the Queensland Government. Fiona has also volunteered much of her spare time to conservation, particularly the Save Ningaloo Reef Campaign where she helped mobilise 15,000 people to rally to protect the reef.

Fiona has dived and surfed some of the world’s most spectacular places including Central and South America, south-east Asia and of course Australia.

Adrian Meder, Marine Campaigner

Adrian Meder Marine CampaignerAdrian is a somewhat obsessive fisherman and surfer who grew up on a small island where there wasn't much do on dry land. He developed a fascination with the sea that has proved impossible to shake.

After experiencing declining local fish stocks throughout his childhood; and later living, working and studying in communities with protected marine waters, he well knows that conservation is a great friend to fishers and coastal communities.

Holding a graduate degree in marine biology, Adrian has worked in aquaculture research in the public sector and for major commercial fishing companies, as well as campaigning for marine conservation in Australia.

Adrian wants his work in conservation to result in more abundant oceans for all, so that future generations have even better opportunities to experience, learn and enjoy the seas than he has had. Adrian is based in Western Australia. 

Jacqui Taylor, Northern Marine Campaigner

Jacqui Taylor Northern Marine Campaigner

Born in Darwin, Jacqui was swimming before she was walking and talking and feels most at home underwater. Growing up the Sunshine Coast, Jacqui spent her childhood exploring creeks and getting tumbled in the surf. Straight out of school, Jacqui worked and dived her way around the world, from Honduras to the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and Indonesia, before returning to our Great Barrier Reef.

Compelled to protect our diminishing natural resources, Jacqui later studied marine science and management at Southern Cross University. She spent the next few years working across Northern Australia in various capacities, researching coral reefs, surveying cetaceans, and working closely with Indigenous people for the sustainable management of their marine resources.

Jacqui also dived into the film and television industry, aiming to use film as a platform to portray much-needed conservation messages. Jacqui is based in Darwin and is using her extensive skills and experience to affect change for our northern coasts and seas. 

Imogen Zethoven AO, Great Barrier Reef Campaign Director

Imogen Zethoven AOBefore joining AMCS, Imogen led a global shark conservation campaign for The Pew Charitable Trusts based in Washington DC. Imogen had previously led Pew’s Coral Sea initiative.

Before joining Pew in 2007, Imogen was in Berlin leading WWF’s global climate campaign, PowerSwitch! and prior to that, she was leading WWF’s Great Barrier Reef campaign. In recognition of her achievements on the Reef campaign, Imogen received the Fred M. Packard International Parks Merit Award at the World Conservation Congress in 2004, shared with the late Hon. Virginia Chadwick.

Imogen has led many campaigns in Australia including one to phase out broadscale native vegetation clearing. Imogen was director of the Queensland Conservation Council from 1995 to 2000. From 1992 to 1994 she was environment advisor to the leader of the Australian Democrats.

Imogen holds a bachelor’s degree with honours from the University of Victoria in New Zealand and a master’s degree in environmental studies from the University of Adelaide. In 2006, she was made an Officer of the Order of Australia for service to conservation and the environment.

Dr Lissa Schindler, Great Barrier Reef Campaigner (currently on maternity leave)

Lissa Schindler, Community Reef Campaigner

Lissa is a marine ecologist who has worked in marine conservation both in Australia and overseas. She has spent time in the Philippines helping local communities manage their marine resources and also worked in the Galapagos Islands undertaking scientific surveys.

Lissa worked with AMCS back in 2005 and helped increase protection in Moreton Bay Marine Park from 1% to 16%.

Since then she has obtained a PhD, assessing the effectiveness of protected areas, and also worked for the Queensland government in environmental policy and natural resource management.

She is an avid diver and has dived around the globe but the Great Barrier Reef is still one of her favourite divespots.

Cherry Muddle, Great Barrier Reef Community Campaigner

Cherry Muddle AMCSCherry’s love for the ocean stems from a childhood of exploring the seashore, islands, and fringing Reefs in Australia. It wasn’t until Cherry finished school and embarked on a trip around Australia did she truly fall in love with the Great Barrier Reef. Cherry describes her first scuba dive in the Whitsunday Islands like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, immersed in an ethereal world of colour, beauty, and enchantment.

After graduating from a Bachelor Tourism Management and Environmental Science at Southern Cross University Cherry completed an internship at Ningaloo Reef. Cherry’s passion for the ocean has led her on many adventures including kayaking around the Whitsunday Islands, working on yachts from the Mediterranean to the South China Sea, surfing in South America, diving with grey nurse sharks at Fish Rock Cave, and free diving through Cenoytes in Mexico. Cherry worked on a sailing boat in the Whitsundays, where she studied coral reefs and passionately educated guests on marine conservation and also gained her Coxswain licence. Cherry is based in Airlie Beach. 

Gemma Plesman, Great Barrier Reef Campaigner 

Gemma Plesman, Great Barrier Reef Campaigner Growing up on 250 acres of Australian bush in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Gemma developed a strong connection to the natural environment.

While at university Gemma established a Climate Action group on campus and worked to protect local farmlands from unconventional gas mining. After completing an education degree specialising in Education for Sustainability she worked for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) as the Queensland state coordinator. Gemma worked on multiple campaigns including ‘Youth Decide: The Energy Election’ in 2012 and coordinated the Start the Switch Schools program.

For the past year and a half Gemma has been working for the Mackay Conservation Group as she is passionate about empowering communities to overcome environmental degradation. Gemma is a talented and passionate campaigner. Prior to joining the AMCS team she was working with tourism, fishers and the local Whitsunday community to oppose the expansion of new coal export ports along the Great Barrier Reef.

Ingrid Neilson, Communications Manager

Ingrid has a long history witIngrid Neilson, Communications Managerh marine conservation and the environment sector in Australia. Since her early years, Ingrid has surveyed whales and sea birds on the eastern coastline. Ingrid worked on the South-east Queensland Forest Agreement on policy issues, community campaigning and conducting botanical surveys in South-east Queensland.

Ingrid has also worked in the sustainable energy sector and has management roles on other conservation organisations. She is dedicated to the protection of our precious natural environment, particularly our spectacular coasts and oceans.

Ingrid coordinates our communications, promotions and events, and helps out with fundraising to resource our campaigns. She also coordinates Turning the Tide, our supporters' magazine, and assists with various campaigns. As one of our longest standing staff members, Ingrid is shamelessly devoted to AMCS. 

In 2009 she was officially recognised as a Queensland Champion of Conservation. Since mid 2013 Ingrid has been based in Sydney, New South Wales, where she has become fixated with the resident blue gropers, Port Jackson sharks and albatross off the coast. 

Ingrid has been at AMCS for over a decade. She is the heart and soul of our organisation.

Kate Simpson, Communications Officer

Kate Simpson AMCS Communications OfficerKate grew up on the Sunshine Coast, where her appreciation and love of the ocean developed. Kate studied marine biology throughout high school and obtained her scuba diving and boat licences. Pursuing her love of writing, she studied Journalism at the University of Queensland. Kate has worked in electorate and ministerial offices, in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Kate has extensive experience in campaigning and communications. In her work for a Northern Territory Chief Minister, she was involved in the communication campaigns to ban plastic bags and introduce a container deposit scheme. 

Kate is a shrewd online campaigner, social media maestro, and an amazing addition to the AMCS team.  

Karen Johnson, Office Coordinator

Karen Johnson AMCSKaren has always felt a sense of peace and tranquillity from the natural environment. The long school holidays camped by Aussie beaches led to Karen’s enduring connection and fascination for the ocean and all of its inhabitants. Karen is happiest in the sea, scuba diving and ocean swimming.

Karen has a degree in Environmental Management from the University of Queensland. Karen is passionate about environmental protection and stewardship, and empowering people to become natural resource managers through citizen science. She is actively involved in monitoring marine environments in South East Queensland and volunteers for Unidive Ecological Assessments, CoralWatch, Reef Check and the UQ Biophysical Remote Sensing Lab.

Karen has worked and travelled extensively and brings a wealth of administrative experience. Prior to her appointment as Office Coordinator Karen was a regular and dedicated AMCS volunteer.

Tina Dalby, Finance Officer

Tina Dalby, AMCS Finance OfficerTina Dalby keeps the finances of AMCS in ship shape, and has worked as Finance Officer for over a decade. Tina is a QuickBooks Professional Partner and is currently completing her Diploma in Accounting with the NIA.

Tina has always loved Australia's oceans since her father taught her an appreciation for boats and boating, to be able to fish and ski at a very early age. Tina takes every opportunity to get out on the water with her husband and kids to explore our beautiful big blue backyard.

Tribute to Felicity Wishart

Felicity Wishart, Great Barrier Reef Campaign Manager Vale Felicity Wishart

The Australian Marine Conservation Society and the Australian environmental movement is in mourning over the sudden and unexpected loss of Felicity ‘Flic’ Wishart who passed away in her sleep on Sunday night aged 50.

Flic was one of Australia’s leading conservationists and was a great and inspiring champion for the planet, the cause she dedicated her life to.

For thirty years Flic played a fundamental role in many of the key environmental campaigns in Australia.

Flic was a leader of seminal campaigns to protect the rainforests, to stop land clearing in Queensland, to confront the threat of climate change and national campaigns to protect the marine environment through the creation of a national network of marine protected areas and in her last, greatest and yet unfinished campaign, to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

She was a hugely influential force in the Australian environmental movement working at the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Queensland Conservation Council, The Wilderness Society and the Australian Marine Conservation Society to tremendous effect. She mentored and inspired many newer campaigners, especially up and coming women in the environment movement.

None worked harder, with as much grace and achieved as many results to protect our heritage. As a leader she combined great warmth and humility, with an ability to understand and fearlessly challenge powerful forces that threatened our heritage.

All Australians, whether they realise it or not, owe a debt of gratitude for her work. We are all beneficiaries of her life and work.

As campaign director of the Australian Marine Conservation Society’s Fight for the Reef campaign she spearheaded the work that has led to a massive increase in protection for the Great Barrier Reef over the last three years.

She was a beloved mentor and guide, friend and confidant, inspiration and leader, mother and partner. Her intelligence, warmth, wisdom and energy are irreplaceable.

For someone with so much love and time for others it is now that we must continue her work to make Australia a better place for all.

Her legacy will endure. Her fight is our fight.

Our hearts are with her family, including her partner and two young sons at this tragic time.