AMCS is reliant on our community of supporters – none of what we have achieved would be possible without them.

Our ability to undertake key projects to raise awareness of marine conservation issues and advocate for the marine environment is dependent on the financial and in-kind support of the business community, donors, partners and individuals who want to make a difference for our oceans.



Tim Winton

AMCS Patron

“I joined AMCS because they are serious about protecting life within our oceans. They work hard on getting more marine parks around the coastline, making our fisheries sustainable and protecting our threatened wildlife like humpback whales and seals.”

Tim Winton is an acclaimed Australian author, named a Living Treasure by the National Trust. Tim plays an active role in most of our campaigns. We are very proud to have him as our Patron.

Bernard Fanning

Musician and AMCS Sea Guardian

“I am a supporter of the Australian Marine Conservation Society because, like most of us, I feel a real connection with our oceans. We need organisations like AMCS who are dedicated to protecting our precious coasts and seas.”

Bernard and other ex-Powderfinger band member Ian Haug support AMCS through their music and passion. Fanning has been a Sea Guardian and vocal supporter since 2003. 

Ben Shewry

Sustainable Chef & Owner of Attica Melbourne

“AMCS is the only non-bullshit organisation, in my mind, because it doesn’t have any vested interest except stewardship – caring and protecting this resource for future generations.”

Ben Shewry is a chef, restaurateur and DJ based in Melbourne⁠. She is a passionate ambassador for GoodFish: Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide by AMCS.

Luc Longley

NBA Basketballer

“It’s becoming clearer that our oceans are under increasing pressure. Each and every one of us has a role to play to ensure that we get the balance right and look after our oceans and the life within them.”

Luc Longley is an Australian professional basketball player (retired), and Olympian champion. In 2009 he placed the winning bid to name a newly discovered deep sea shrimp, raising critical funds for our work. 

Paige Houden

Billabong Pro Surfer

“As a Pro Surfer my life revolves around the ocean and what happens to it. Nothing can beat the feeling when you’re on a wave and a wild pod of dolphins jumps along side you!! Sadly the wildlife that makes the ocean complete is in danger. Without its wildlife the sea will not survive – we need to save it now.”

Paige Houden is a legendary pro surfer with Billabong. Paige is passionate about our oceans, particularly protecting our ocean wildlife from pollution and marine debris.

Guy Leech

Former World Ironman Champion

“As a former world ironman and surf lifesaving champion I’ve spent most of my life on the ocean. Most days I’m out paddling around Sydney’s glorious harbour and beaches and I see real problems with pollution and overuse. We need healthy oceans for a healthy society.”

When he retired from ironman races the world over, Guy had never lost a marathon ironman race in his career. He is an ambassador for AMCS and our oceans.