Guides for Taking Action

How to write a letter to the editor

If we don't speak up about pollution, overfishing, or our warming oceans - then who will?

Tips for calling MPs

A phone call directly to your MP's office is powerful — it shows them you care about our oceans.

Meeting with your Member of Parliament (MP)

Your elected representatives have a responsibility to meet and hear your concerns about our oceans.

Plastic Revolution Action Pack

Together, we can break the toxic cycle of plastic pollution – if we start today.

Fact Sheets

Great Barrier Reef FAQs

Learn about the threats facing our Great Barrier Reef and solutions to protect it


Ocean Plastic Pollution Posters

Download powerful ocean plastic pollution posters to help reduce plastic waste.

Shark Posters

Download free posters to raise awareness about Australia's threatened sharks and rays today.

What is Sustainable Seafood?

Help raise awareness about sustainable seafood and make a change today.

What is Farm Fishing?

Is farm fishing sustainable? Get the facts and choose sustainable fish.

Plastic Pollution Poster

Download our A3 "I want our seas plastic free" poster

Climate Change Poster

Download our A3 "Make our climate cool again" poster

Our Big Blue Superhero - Blue Carbon Poster

Learn more about Blue Carbon and what our oceans do to combat climate change

Plastic Free Resources

Plastic Free Champion Action Pack

Get everything you need to fight the top 10 killer plastics that hurt marine wildlife!

Plastic Free Business Resources

Use these practical guides and resources to eliminate plastic from your business!

Shark & Ray Resources

Aussie Shark & Ray Action Pack

Deep dive and learn everything you need to know about our true-blue Aussies sharks and rays.