Aussie Sharks & Rays Action Pack

Our uniquely Australian sharks and rays are fighting a tough battle against overfishing.

Use our educational tools below to learn more about our Aussie sharks and rays!

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Few Australians know about our uniquely Australian sharks and rays and the threat they face from overfishing.

They’re as unique as a koala and in just as much strife. Many live out of sight, far offshore and in the deep, dark depths.

Use these resources to discover more about our unique species and how you can help save them.

True-Blue Aussie Sharks

Meet Australia’s endemic sharks and rays and discover why they’re found nowhere else in the world, the threats the face, and how you can be their champion.

Aussie Sharks Rays
Information Kit

Whether you’re a business or an individual, discover why protecting our uniquely Aussie sharks and rays is important and how you can help.

GoodFish Card

Plenty of fish ‘n’ chip shops have sustainable alternatives to flake (shark meat) on offer. Print this card out, put it on display, and together let’s give flake a break.

Phone Wallpaper

For when there’s no internet and you need a quick reminder of what sustainable alternatives are on offer at the local fish ‘n’ chippy.

Aussie Sharks & Rays Colouring In Sheet

Get out your best colours and fire up that imagination.

Save Our Sharks & Rays

No one wants to lose our majestic sharks and rays, and no one wants to lose their page. Here’s a solution to help solve both problems.

Aussie Sharks & Rays

Everything you needed to know about our uniquely Aussie sharks and rays on one awesome poster.

Header image: Anthony Pearson