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As Australians, the ocean brings us so much pleasure — from childhood memories of salty toes dipped in the waves, to adult adventures of whale watching, sailing or SCUBA diving, to quiet times strolling the shore, contemplating the world around us.

Your gift will leave a legacy that contributes to the world you want to give your grandchildren and future generations, the oceans you want them to know, and the marine life you want them to love.

Your ocean legacy — a gift that reflects your values and passion for our ocean.

A bequest to Australia’s oceans is a gift you write into your Will after your loved ones have been provided for. Whether you’re a new supporter who has recently discovered the Australian Marine Conservation Society or someone who has been with us since the early days of the Queensland or Australian Littoral Society, your gift will leave a legacy reflecting your life’s passion and the world you want to leave for future generations.


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