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Want to be a business that supports ocean conservation?

AMCS welcomes support from business leaders. Business supporters can help us tackle some of the biggest wildlife and habitat protection challenges.

Not only is this great for our precious oceans, but doing good is good for business.

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Our Business Supporters

Who funds AMCS?

Our business supporters lead by example by constantly striving to improve their products and practices, and to operate in the most ethical and sustainable ways possible. They do more than donate money, they demonstrate that businesses can simultaneously flourish and nourish healthy oceans.

We don’t expect perfection (we’re not perfect ourselves), but if you want to support our work, are serious about conservation, and want us to share and celebrate your passion to protect our unique marine life, then take a look at our AMCS Ethical Charter and contact us here or call 1800 066 299.

Who funds AMCS?

An invitation from our Patron,
Australian author, Tim Winton

Welcome! I invite you as Patron of the Australian Marine Conservation Society to join me in supporting Australia’s first and foremost national marine conservation group. As Australians we do most of our living and playing fairly close to the water’s edge. You could say that we have a coastal mindset. We sell ourselves abroad as a nation of swimmers, surfers and anglers. A lot of us value more than just a coastal view – we love the sea itself.

Targeted philanthropy is becoming a key element of smart business practice in today’s world. I therefore ask you to become an AMCS corporate partner. Your profile will be enhanced and your clientele will appreciate that you are making a real difference to the health of our oceans on their behalf. Your children will also thank you for it.