Who Funds Us?

Who funds AMCS?

AMCS is an independent charity and receives funding from individual donors, foundations, grants and corporate sponsors. Our financial records are audited annually and can be found here.

Like our supporters, we seek to be part of an ethically responsible and environmentally considerate global community, and we actively avoid partnerships or receiving funding from sources which do not align with our values or meet our Ethical Charter.

Through the AMCS Ethical Charter we assess whether potential corporate partners and business supporters:

  • Pollute land, air or water
  • Destroy or waste non-renewable resources
  • Have a harmful effect on humans, animals or the environment
  • Entice people into financial over-commitment,
  • Market, promote or advertise, products or services in a misleading or deceitful manner
  • Acquire land or commodities primarily for the purpose of speculative gain
  • Create, encourage or perpetuate militarism or engage in the manufacture of armaments
  • Exploit people through the payment of low wages or the provision of poor working conditions
  • Discriminate by way of race, religion or sex in employment, marketing, or advertising practices
  • Contribute to the inhibition of human rights generally.