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  • Scientists fear severe coral bleaching return to Reef
  • EXPOSED: Adani’s history of ocean destruction, fraud and corruption
  • Help us continue our critical work to protect our oceans
  • URGENT: We're losing our reef and our rights.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society is Australia's only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

Take action: Expose Adani's horrid history

An explosive new report reveals a horrific record of environmental devastation and criminal corporate behaviour by the Adani mining company – currently seeking to build the $22 billion Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project right next to our Great Barrier Reef.

Send The Adani Brief to your MP now >>

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Reject the Cutbacks to Our Marine Sanctuaries

Submissions have now closed for feedback on the Government's plans to cutback our marine sanctuaries.

Thank you for speaking up for our marine protected areas.  

We'll keep you updated once we hear the final decision on the review.

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Media Release: Scientists fear severe coral bleaching return to the Great Barrier Reef - Government must rule out the reef-killing Adani mine

Severe coral bleaching could return to the Great Barrier Reef in the next four weeks scientists warn, after new bleaching and unusually high ocean temperatures have been documented. Further warming is also expected, after recent extreme heatwaves which saw temperatures reach up to 47.6C in parts of Australia.

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Media Release: Adani's shocking history of failure to comply with environmental law is evidence of Great Barrier Reef is at risk

The Adani Group has a history of environmental destruction that could lead to irreversible damage to our Great Barrier Reef and disrupt local communities down the Reef coastline, the Australian Marine Conservation Society said today.

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Media Release: Dolphins and seals in danger from pair trawling

A lethal fishing method, banned in parts of the UK for over a decade due to dolphin deaths, could be allowed in Australian waters if permission is granted by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA). The deadline for public comment on this permit is this Friday 10th February.

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We're losing our Reef and our Rights

Our Great Barrier Reef is in trouble. It has suffered the worst coral bleaching event on record and is under threat from Adani's monster mine.

In a rare move, the Queensland Government is trying to strip the community of our rights and our ability to protect our climate and our Reef, by fast-tracking one of the largest coal mines on Earth.

We urge you help by making a donation today. There’s never been more at stake.

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