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Don't let our government back out on nature protection. Demand stronger environment laws.

16 April 2024: The Albanese Government announced the next stage of their “Nature Positive Plan” – the establishment of a new national environmental protection agency to “enforce federal laws”. While progress is welcome, it’s not happening fast enough to halt the impending extinction crisis and there is still no commitment to complete the third and final stage this term.

Australia’s environment laws are failing. Nature cannot afford further delays or half-measures.

While the Great Barrier Reef endures yet another mass bleaching event and species such as the Maugean skate are on the brink of extinction, nature is crying out for urgent protection and restoration.

The Albanese government has committed to sweeping nature law reforms this term and zero new extinctions.
Sign this petition to hold the government to account and ensure they fulfil this promise.

What nature needs urgently are strong national environment laws that:

Nature needs comprehensive protection with laws that restore and protect our environment for generations to come.

Nature cannot wait – the time for meaningful action and strong nature laws is now.

We call on the Albanese government to prioritise the introduction of the full package of new nature laws this term that will safeguard our seascapes, landscapes and endangered species for generations to come.

If you love our oceans, sign our petition to hold the Albanese government accountable to its promise of delivering urgent and comprehensive nature law reform during this term of government and its commitment to zero new extinctions.

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