Threatened Species

Australia is home to the most incredible ocean wildlife on earth, but many of our species are threatened or endangered. Our threatened marine life like our turtles, whales and sharks need our help.

Australia’s oceans are some of the richest and most diverse on our blue planet.

Global studies have revealed that our northern oceans are some of the last remaining healthy tropical seas in the world. In our cool southern oceans, an incredible 80% of the marine species there occur nowhere else on Earth.

This means that if we lose them from our waters, they are lost from the world forever.

Australians love our whales, seals and marine turtles, but these iconic species are at risk from a range of impacts, including overfishing, pollution and climate change. Many of our marine mammals have suffered from historical hunting and over-exploitation, and are now legally recognised as threatened.

Help us protect the precious threatened and endangered animals in Australia’s oceans.

Under Threat

Australian sea lions

Australian sea lions are Australia's only pinniped, native only to our shores.


Dugongs are shy, elusive marine mammals that depend on healthy seagrass meadows for their diet.


15 species of dolphins and one species of porpoise live in Australian waters.

Hammerhead sharks

Hammerhead sharks are an iconic species inhabiting Australia’s waters but they are under threat.

Snubfin dolphins

Identified as a new species in 2005, the snubfin dolphin is Australia’s only native dolphin.


Industrial shipping, plastic pollution and illegal hunting threaten our whales.


This unique and iconic ray is sadly under threat.

Maugean skate

The maugean skate is only found in Tasmania.

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