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Goodwill Wines celebrates donating $500,000 to charities

March 3, 2023

Our friends at Goodwill Wine have recently celebrated donating half a million dollars to charity. We are honored that Goodwill wines has been a supporter of AMCS for over a decade and donated over $25,000 to help protect our oceans.

Brisbane based company Goodwill Wine has been an AMCS business ally since 2012. Customers who select AMCS as their chosen charity on the Goodwill website can really savour their purchase, knowing that 50% of the profit from the wines they select supports our work. You can view their range by visiting our AMCS page here.

Founder David Laity began the company after having lost everything he owned in the Black Saturday bushfires, and because everyday Australians chipped in to help him – he decided to make it his mission to pay it forward. Since starting a Goodwill Wine, David has donated over $500,000 to charity – and he has vowed to keep going.

We love supporting AMCS – they are a team of dedicated, wonderful people and the work they do to protect Australia’s oceans and marine wildlife is so important. We love knowing that by donating 50% of our profit to them we’re helping ensure that future generations get to enjoy the wildlife and pristine coast lines that make Australia such a unique and beautiful place.

AMCS is proud to be associated with this fantastic company, and this most generous man. Thank you, David, and the team at Goodwill Wine!