Ocean Plastic Pollution Posters

Every piece of plastic we have ever used is still somewhere on the planet today. That means, like diamonds, plastics are forever. Download and print these plastic pollution posters to raise awareness!

The life cycle of marine debris is a dangerous one. It starts in our homes, reaches our oceans, harms our ocean wildlife and even enters the food chain – our food chain – ending up on our plates. The good news is that we can break this cycle.

Use these ocean plastic pollution posters to help actively reduce plastic waste in your community and in turn, rubbish in the ocean. Embrace the little changes – they all add up – and share your learnings with friends and family! Because together we can ensure we turn the tide of plastic pollution once and for all.



  • Put the posters up in your workplace near the kitchen or bins
  • Ask your local cafes, bars and businesses to put up a poster
  • Ask your local school to put the posters up

Download the Plastics Are Forever Poster

Download the Plastic Lifecycle Poster

Plastics and our oceans poster

Download the Plastics & Our Oceans Explained Poster

5 Gyres Plastic Pollution Poster 


Download the Pacific Garbage Patch & 5 Gyres Poster

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