Plastic Free Champion Action Pack

Plastic pollution is flowing into our seas at an alarming rate, entangling and suffocating our ocean animals.

We have to turn off the tap – stop plastic at the source. There has never been more appetite for action, now is our chance to clean up our oceans.

Together we can cut killer plastic items from our own lives, and inspire businesses and governments to change.

Will you be a Plastic Free Champion?

Download Plastic Free Resources!

There are many ways you can help in the fight against plastic. With lots of earth-friendly alternatives now available, it’s time for Australia to move on from the plastic products that are hurting our turtles, whales and seabirds.

Use our plastic free posters, cafe calling cards, and plastic free action ideas to raise awareness and motivate businesses and government to reduce their use of the most dangerous single-use plastic products.

Top 10 Killer Plastics booklet

Top 10 Killer Plastics
A6 Booklet

Discover which plastic products are most dangerous for ocean animals. and help spread awareness!

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Plastic Free Champion Checklist

Plastic Free Champion

Use our Plastic Free Champion Checklist at stalls, events or in your business to help people take action.

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“I’ve Had A Gutful”
Plastic Free Turtle Poster

Show your plastic free champion values with pride! Use this bold turtle poster to raise awareness and show your commitment at home, in your workplace or in your community.

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Plastic in our Oceans
Educational Poster

Learn about the scale of the plastic problem in our oceans, and what you can do about it! Use this educational poster in your work to raise awareness of the scourge of plastic pollution.

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Plastic Free
Cafe Calling Cards

Inspire your local cafes to go plastic free! Leave these plastic free suggestion cards when you eat at a local business that uses problematic plastics.

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Plastic Free Champion
Door Hanger

Never forget your reusable bag, bottle or coffee cup! Use this handy plastic free champion door hanger to remind you when you’re on the way out the door.

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