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Ban single-use plastics in Australia!

State and territory governments are debating a ban on killer plastics like straws and cutlery. Show support by signing the petition.

We all want and deserve clean, healthy oceans that are full of life. But plastic is polluting our oceans and choking whales, dolphins and turtles. It’s time to stop these killer plastics at the source.

Let’s stop those items that are used once and yet pollute forever – the plastic straws, cutlery, bags and polystyrene filling up our oceans.

Around the world, nations are acting on reducing plastic pollution by setting targets and banning plastics. South Australia, Queensland and the ACT have already implemented a ban on some of these plastics, and New South Wales and Western Australia have passed laws to ban them in 2022.

Now we need the rest of the country.

Momentum is building – we need every State and Territory working together to pass nationally consistent laws and save our turtles, whales and seabirds.

Inaction isn’t an option when our ocean animals are choking on single-use plastics.

Add your name to the petition today!