Targeted Email Climate Change

Urge political candidates to protect our Reef

It has been a tough summer for our Great Barrier Reef. Floods, cyclones and the worst mass bleaching event to ever hit. There has never been a more crucial election for our Reef.

The commitments candidates make today will set the agenda for the next Queensland Government.

Their election promises will define the future of our Reef, which is threatened by rising temperatures, pollution and unsustainable fishing.

If our treasured Great Barrier Reef is to have a chance, we need the next government to commit to protecting the future of our Great Barrier Reef. There is hope.

While candidates are seeking your vote, your voice is powerful.

By working together, we can make sure your candidates and future members of parliament commit to protect our precious Reef.

With the next Queensland election in October, send an email to your local candidates now – and demand action!



Authorised by D. Kindleysides, 4/145 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane, QLD 4101