Dr Kim Riskas

Oil & Gas Campaigner

Kim has always had a passion for wildlife and wild places. A school field trip to Baja California, Mexico ignited her desire to pursue a career in marine science and conservation. Since then, her work has taken her to the jungles, beaches, and wharfs of Cabo Verde, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Malaysia, and all around Australia.

Her career has focused mainly on addressing threats to sea turtles, from fisheries bycatch and poaching to light pollution and coastal development. Diving more deeply into fisheries management, Kim completed a PhD examining the drivers and impacts of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing in the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia.

She has worked with governments, academics, consultants, and non-profits to deliver a range of projects on sustainable seafood, wildlife trade, and biodiversity valuation. She enjoys bringing communities and policymakers together to find solutions to complex environmental issues. Outside of work, Kim can be found camping, bushwalking, snorkelling determinedly in chilly Victoria, and working on her debut novel.