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  • The Great Barrier Reef is fighting for its life
  • Help us continue our critical work to protect our oceans

The Australian Marine Conservation Society is Australia's only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

Don't miss the boat on sustainable fisheries

As Australians, we are the custodians of the fish, sea turtles and marine life that live in our oceans. Our oceans should be managed for all of us, not just a select few. But for too long fisheries management along our Great Barrier Reef in Queensland has lagged behind.

The good news is that right now we have a once in a generation opportunity to make Queensland’s fisheries sustainable, allow our fish stocks to recover and make our Great Barrier Reef waters safer for all of our fragile marine life.  

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Reject the Cutbacks to Our Marine Sanctuaries

New Abbott-era plans have been released proposing massive cutbacks to marine sanctuaries in crucial hotspots around Australia. 

Right now the Government is asking for your feedback.

Add your name today to reject the cutbacks and fully restore our National Network of Sanctuaries.

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Reactionary slaughter of vulnerable shark species not the way forward.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has cautioned against knee-jerk reactions after a shark encounter off the northern NSW coast earlier this week and urged the NSW Government to continue exploring non-lethal safety measures instead.

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The compensation agreed between the Federal Government and owners of the Shen Neng 1 for the clean-up from their oil spill on the Great Barrier Reef falls way short of the $141 million estimated by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park authority earlier this year.

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Media: Slashing Renewable Energy Funding Risks the Great Barrier Reef

The Turnbull Government has missed a prime opportunity to secure a better future for the Great Barrier Reef by slashing $500 million from renewable energy funding today.

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A Gift For The Reef

Our Great Barrier Reef is in trouble. It has suffered the worst coral bleaching event on record and is under ongoing pressure from pollution along the coast.

Scientists say we need to act now or the Great Barrier Reef will be ‘terminal’ in five years. Your donation counts more than ever.

Please make an urgent tax deductible donation today to help save our global treasure.

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