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Implement the expert roadmap to save our Reef

Coral bleaching alert, February 2024: This summer a marine heatwave is causing widespread heat stress on the Reef. Moderate to severe coral bleaching is unfolding in parts of the Reef.


More than ever we need strong government action to protect our irreplaceable Reef.

The Australian and Queensland governments must implement the 22 expert recommendations in UNESCO and IUCN’s reef monitoring report –  its the clear roadmap to save our Reef. 

Urge the government to implement these Reef-saving actions now:

Our Reef is under immense pressure.

This is the decade to focus on solutions to local threats and meaningful climate action. The Australian and Queensland governments must implement these actions quickly.

We will deliver this petition to the Federal Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek when it reaches 30,000 signatures – help us get there! 

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