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Protect blue gropers in NSW

The NSW government recently protected the eastern blue groper from all forms of fishing in state waters. But the new protections only last for a 12-month trial period.
The government now wants your feedback on whether or not to extend the blue groper protections.

A small vocal minority is trying to exploit this process to get the new blue groper protections reversed and undermine protecting marine habitats in NSW.

Blue gropers are a keystone species that are long-lived, slow-growing and late to mature. That leaves them highly susceptible to fishing pressure.

We must show our support for the new protections so the blue groper receives permanent protection from all forms of fishing in NSW.

We can also use this opportunity to tell the government that we also need fully protected marine sanctuaries that will protect the blue groper’s habitat as well as habitat for all of the other wonderful marine life in NSW.

Add your name to send a submission that calls on the NSW government to make the trial blue groper protections permanent.