Alexia Wellbelove

Fisheries and Threatened Species Campaign Manager

Alexia is a zoologist by training who has always been fascinated by animals and their place in the world, and has been lucky enough to enjoy the oceans and wildlife in multiple countries during her lifetime. She is passionate about sharing her love of nature and the need to protect it.

Alexia joined AMCS in May 2022, and has worked in environment and marine conservation for over 20 years in both the UK and Australia. Over that time, she has developed a particular focus and passion on marine mammals and albatrosses and the numerous threats they face. This has included working on the reform of Australia’s environment laws for over a decade, helping to establish the Places You Love alliance which she continues to play an active role in.

Alexia continues to be an active participant in campaigns to address conservation concerns, fisheries bycatch and wildlife trade. Her favourite career moments include getting important protections in place in Australian waters for the Australian sea lion, getting improved protection for sharks in Australia and globally, and continuing to be part of the international advocacy to ensure the conservation of whales is a priority, not whaling. She remains hopeful that new stronger laws to protect Australia’s unique oceans and wildlife will be the next highlight.