Adele Pedder

Protected Areas Manager

Location: Darwin

Having grown up aboard boats, Adele has been very fortunate to experience the power and beauty of our seas up close and personal. She did school by correspondence from the nav table, explored deserted islands barefoot, swam in wide open seas and on coral fringed islands, sailed silently under star filled skies, and has also been forced to return to port due to poor weather on more than one occasion. Adele wishes that everyone could see what she has, knowing there’d be many like her dedicating their lives to protecting the wonders of our unique coasts and seas.

Adele completed her undergraduate studies in Environmental Science at James Cook University in Townsville and joined the Australian Marine Conservation Society soon after as the Northern Australia Campaign Manager in 2003. Her passion for affecting change led her to a Masters in Politics and eventually to be Chief of Staff with a well-regarded Greens MP in the Victorian Parliament.

After 10 years working with The Victorian Greens, Adele returned to AMCS in 2017 where she ran the Keep Top End Coasts Healthy program for five years. Currently, Adele is the Protected Areas Manager with AMCS based in Darwin.