Dr Jill StJohn

Dr Jill StJill

General Board Member

Jill grew up a stone’s throw from Sydney Harbour near Manly. She spent her childhood by the sea exploring rocky foreshores, swimming and snorkelling. Straight after finishing school Jill learnt scuba diving, which lead her to discovering the coral reefs of northern GBR. Hooked on tropical fish, Jill pursued studies and eventually research that took her to Townsville, Okinawa (Japan) and Perth.

After researching demersal finfish at Fisheries WA, Jill’s passion for fish conservation motivated her to join The Wilderness Society campaigning for the national network of marine parks. Her current work in university research management led to her relocation in Melbourne.

In 2011 Jill joined AMCS’s board to use her skills and aligned values for marine protection. She is continually inspired by AMCS’s growth and development as Australia’s only marine-focused conservation group. “Having witnessed the change in coral reefs during my lifetime, I believe that AMCS is more important in this climate emergency than ever before.’”