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  • We are Australia's only national charity dedicated solely to protecting our precious ocean wildlife.

    The Australian Marine Conservation Society is the voice for Australia's ocean wildlife

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Key Achievements

Prevented mining on the Great Barrier Reef
Known then as the Queensland Littoral Society, we contested and defeated a proposal to mine limestone on Australia's Great Barrier Reef in the 1960s. We went on to lead the public campaign to protect the Reef from mining and oil exploration. 

Global ban on commercial whaling
AMCS helped spearhead this successful campaign in the1980s. We remain vigilant on current threats to whales in Australia's waters.

International court case against Japanese Antarctic whaling
Since 2006, AMCS Director Darren Kindleysides has played a significant role to advocate international legal action against Japanese whaling. AMCS has been there from the inception of the plan to instigate international legal action against the Japanese whalers, to working with governments, lawyers and scientists to convince our leaders to take this case forward, which ruled Japan's whaling broke international law and must stop.

Secured the Great Barrier Reef as a marine park
AMCS led and built the campaign, which eventually involved numerous groups, and secured the Reef through the declaration of the Marine Park in 1974 and later recognised it as a World Heritage Area in 1982.

Expanded Great Barrier Reef green zones
Working with our conservation partners, AMCS secured the public support that led to full protection of 33.4% of the Reef in 'green zones' in 2004 and helped secure a profitable future for the Reef's thriving ecotourism industry.

National Network of Marine Reserves
AMCS has played a key role in campaigns that led to the Australian government proposing the largest network of marine reserves in the world in June 2012, including the proposal to create the world’s largest marine reserve in the Coral Sea. The reserves were declared in late 2012 but are yet to come to fruition. 

Marine Parks in state waters
In collaboration with state based groups, we have helped secure marine parks across Victoria, in central NSW, across SA, parts of WA and Queensland. We've led campaigns to create a network of marine parks in the Northern Territory - with Limmen Bight, a haven for dugongs and other seagrass loving animals, declared as the NT’s first new marine reserve since the 1980s in July 2012.

Ningaloo Reef saved
Along with our Patron Tim Winton, AMCS and our allies protected Ningaloo Reef, WA (Australia's largest fringing coral reef) from a major marina development. With overwhelming support from the public, we further succeeded in securing 34% of the Ningaloo Marine Park in green zones, and most recently World Heritage listing in 2011.

Moreton Bay protected
Our long track record of success in Moreton Bay includes stopping coral mining on Peel and Mud Island, banning sand mining on Moreton Island and advocating for its protection as a national park. More recently we worked with the community to increase the green zones from less than 1% to 16% protection in critical areas of coral, seagrass and rocky reefs.

Live shark finning banned in Australia
Thanks to us, live shark finning at sea is now illegal in all Australian states and the Northern Territory. The NT was the last Australian jurisdiction which allowed this cruel and wasteful fishing method, and our community campaign resulted in its ban in 2004. We continue to work towards a ban in the export and import of shark fins in Australia, to stop our involvement in this terrible trade. 

Seacage fish farming stopped
Through seeding and empowering a local community group, Friends of Sceale Bay, AMCS protected sea lion colonies in South Australia from unsustainable sea cage aquaculture development. We have also contested unsustainable sea cage proposals in NSW and Queensland. We are working with industry to lessen the impact of fish farms on our precious oceans. 

Sustainable Seafood revolution
Launching our highly successful Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide for those who love the oceans and their seafood, AMCS revolutionised the way Australians view seafood and the fishing and fish farms that provide it. The guide is available in paperback, and as a dedicated consumer website and iPhone app which includes Greenpeace's Canned Tuna Guide. More and more Australians are recognising their part in protecting our precious oceans by choosing their seafood responsibly.

Australia’s first seabed mining moratorium
AMCS secured a three-year moratorium on seabed mining in Northern Territory waters in March 2012, the first Australian jurisdiction to stop this damaging activity. The battle continues. 

Marine Wildlife protected
We have reduced the amount of sharks that can be fished in the East Coast Inshore Finfish Fishery, protected all seahorses and relatives (33 species) in NSW waters, secured (endangered) grey nurse shark critical habitats in Queensland and saved turtles from fishing nets and crab pots. We've also worked with our partners to stop fisheries killing dolphins and sea lions off South Australia.

Mangrove protection
AMCS has helped government and industry value mangroves as critical nursery areas for fish and other wildlife. We have undertaken extensive littoral mangrove surveys that led to protection of important wetlands, including the World Heritage Kakadu National Park  in the NT and the Boondall Wetlands Reserve in Qld. 

Stopped the Super Trawler
Secured changes to federal environmental laws enabling new, untried and destructive fishing methods, including the operation of the MV Margiris super trawler in Australian waters to be scientifically assessed and excluded.

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