AMCS supports a First Nations Voice to Parliament

AMCS supports writing ‘Yes’ to the Voice

We believe that the Voice is a moment for Australia to come together, to actively listen and learn from First Nations and walk together for a better and fairer society. Decisions about the protection of our coasts, oceans and shared natural heritage are better when made together.

Read our position on the Voice Referendum and our open letter below.

AMCS’ Position on the Voice Referendum

AMCS supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart

We support writing ‘Yes’ to the Voice

An open letter signed by 43 climate organisations, representing more than two million Aussies


We encourage all Australians to seek further information about this important moment in our future:


AMCS is committed to listening and learning from First Nations peoples and supporting First Nations-led advocacy and campaigns to protect and restore our precious oceans, coasts and marine wildlife.

> Some examples of our work
  • We are working alongside Nyinggulu Traditional Owners for the health of Nyinggulu thanardi ngarrari (Ningaloo Land and Sea Country).
  • We were proud to enable a delegation of three Traditional Owners from the Gulf of Carpentaria to participate in important discussions at the International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5) in Vancouver in February 2023
  • In 2021 we began an exciting partnership with the Northern Land Council’s Malak Malak Rangers, and Charles Darwin University (CDU) to support a long-running and unique program to locate and rescue Critically Endangered juvenile largetooth sawfish in the Northern Territory.