Become a Business Supporter

Want to be a business that supports ocean conservation? Business Supporters help environmental charities fund critical work to protect our vulnerable wildlife.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society welcomes the support of the business community.  A relationship with a non-profit can be mutually beneficial for your staff, customers and our precious oceans.


How you can support our work to save the ocean

Become a Sea Guardian

As a business owner, you may like to consider becoming a Sea Guardian and making a regular gift to AMCS to support our work. Sea Guardians are the lifeblood of AMCS. They are the wind in our sails, and help us plan for long term, strategic conservation campaigns. For as little as 66c a day, you can help us continue our critical work to combat overfishing, create marine sanctuaries, and protect our endangered marine life like whales, sea turtles and dugongs. All Sea Guardian donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Find out more about Sea Guardians

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for businesses to help staff regularly donate to AMCS through the payroll system. Under a workplace giving or payroll deduction program all donations are made from a staff member’s pre-taxable income and result in an automatic tax deduction.

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Become a Business Supporter

Our ability to undertake key projects to raise awareness of marine conservation issues and advocate for the marine environment is dependent on the financial and in-kind support of our valuable corporate partners.

A Business Supporter of AMCS is a great way to show your values and engage your staff and customers, who also love our oceans, in the common goal of marine conservation.  

Potential supporters are assessed against AMCS’s Ethical Charter and a formal Business Supporter agreement is developed, based on the value of the contribution (financial and in kind) to AMCS, outlining the commitments of both parties.

Our business supporters are acknowledged to our extensive supporter base across Australia, on our website, and in digital communications.

Interested? Get in touch at to request an information package.

An invitation from our Patron, Australian author, Tim Winton

Welcome! I invite you as Patron of the Australian Marine Conservation Society to join me in supporting Australia’s first and foremost national marine conservation group. As Australians we do most of our living and playing fairly close to the water’s edge. You could say that we have a coastal mindset. We sell ourselves abroad as a nation of swimmers, surfers and anglers. A lot of us value more than just a coastal view – we love the sea itself.

Targeted philanthropy is becoming a key element of smart business practice in today’s world. I therefore ask you to become an AMCS corporate partner. Your profile will be enhanced and your clientele will appreciate that you are making a real difference to the health of our oceans on their behalf. Your children will also thank you for it.