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Help protect NSW’s unique marine and aquatic life from agricultural pollution

Vulnerable habitats and marine life are at risk from poor water quality due to out-of-control land clearing.

We have until midnight Sunday 29th to tell the NSW Government to reform land-clearing laws.

NSW waterways are vital, not just for agricultural security and aquaculture, but are important breeding sites for aquatic animals. They flush out into our oceans and marine parks, special refuges for NSW’s vulnerable marine life and habitats.

Clean, natural, healthy flowing waterways are also important for tourism, water security (including the water we drink), and recreation, for surfers, divers, swimmers, recreational fishers, and the next generation of water lovers. 

Unfortunately, out-of-control land clearing has increased 13-fold with the loosening of native vegetation laws, impacting on vulnerable habitats such as seagrass, which marine life depends upon.

We need to end large-scale land clearing today. Add your name to the submission to the NSW Government urging for reform.


Image: Surface of  Gwydir river between gumtrees on flat banks in Moree plains area in NSW outback. Aerial top down view along river stream.