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Help make history on WA’s south coast

Australia’s other great reef needs your help.

The Great Southern Reef is home to more species than the Great Barrier Reef, including giant kelp forests, sea lions, blue gropers, giant cuttlefish, rock lobsters, bluefin tuna, southern right whales, and sea dragons.

But, there is currently zero marine sanctuary protection in the coastal waters of the Great Southern Reef along a 1000 kilometre stretch of WA’s south coast.

The Western Australian government has now released draft plans to create a new WA South Coast Marine Park, and they want our feedback.

This could be a historic moment where we help create Australia’s next great marine park.

Help protect this critical stretch of our Great Southern Reef – from east of Bremer Bay to the South Australian border – by making sure the WA Government keeps the fully-protected marine sanctuaries in the draft. We also need to urge the government to increase marine sanctuary protection for crucial areas that are missing from the draft plans, including the Recherche Archipelago off Esperance and habitat for endangered species like southern right whales and Australian sea lions.

Add your name to the call for strong marine sanctuaries in WA’s new South Coast Marine Park!

Creating a network of strong marine sanctuaries will help keep marine life healthy, support sustainable fishing, and preserve our treasured coastal lifestyle for future generations.

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A map of our opportunity for a South Coast Marine Park in WA.


Feature image: A leafy sea dragon and an Australian sea lion amongst kelp in the Great Southern Reef along WA’s south coast. Image by Scott Portelli.