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A new Marine Park to protect WA’s south coast

The WA Government recently announced plans to create a new marine park along WA’s south coast, from Bremer Bay to the South Australian border.

This is an incredible opportunity to protect the south coast’s spectacular marine life, culture, great fishing, and our treasured coastal lifestyle for years to come.

From Australian sea lions and southern right whales to seadragons and blue gropers, the spectacular waters of WA’s south coast are home to a wealth of marine life – much of which is found nowhere else on Earth.

Creating a well-designed marine park for the south coast can provide an insurance policy for the health of our unique marine life while supporting great fishing, tourism, and recreation opportunities.

Join us in showing your support for this park, help ensure it provides a win-win for conservation, culture, recreation, and local communities. 

Add your name to tell the WA Government you support the south coast marine park today.

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