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Reject Subsea 7 pipeline in Exmouth Gulf!

Demand the EPA reject plans to industrialise the wild waters of Exmouth Gulf, Ningaloo!

We need your help to protect dolphins, mantas and whales. Exmouth Gulf is a nursery for Ningaloo Reef. It’s where humpback whales come to give birth and nurse their calves.

The WA Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is calling for public input on the proposal from Subsea 7 – a multinational oil and gas engineering company – to construct a major pipeline fabrication facility in Exmouth Gulf, and tow 10km-long pipelines through the Gulf and the Ningaloo World Heritage area.

This heavy-engineering project would involve the construction of a 380-metre-long launchway across an undeveloped beach, impacting crucial coastal and nearshore ecosystem processes. Ocean-going tugs would tow the massive pipelines 30km up the Gulf, dragging hundreds of ballast chains along the sensitive seabed, disturbing and damaging up to 18 million square metres of habitat – an area equivalent to over 1,000 football ovals. The pipelines would then be towed through the world-famous Ningaloo Marine Park and World Heritage area.

To construct and launch these pipelines, over 1.7 million square metres of native vegetation and wildlife habitat would be bulldozed to make way for two 10km railway lines, service roads and fabrication buildings.

We need to do everything we can to protect the vulnerable Ningaloo-Exmouth Gulf ecosystem from this dangerous industrial development.

Urge the EPA to reject Subsea 7’s industrial development.