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Expand the QLD container refund scheme

The Queensland Government is asking for public feedback on whether they should expand the popular container refund scheme to include more containers.

They are proposing to extend the 10c refund to:

  1. glass containers that have contained wine and pure spirits,
  2. flavoured milk and pure vegetable or fruit juice (at least 90% juice) between 1 litre and 3 litres, and
  3. water and wine in aseptic packs (liquid paperboard packs) between 1 litre and 3 litres.
If the Queensland State Government receives enough public support, they will expand the 10c refund to more drink containers. 

That would mean less trash on our beaches, and more money for the Queenslanders who recycle their drink containers. 

Submissions close on 20 February 2023.

Will you say YES to a 10c refund for wine bottles and larger milk/juice containers?