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Reforming Australia’s Major Fisheries

Australia’s oceans are among the most biodiverse in the world.

Dugongs, turtles, and dolphins play in the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, and one-quarter of the world’s shark and ray species cruise our coasts and deepest depths.

Alarmingly, overfishing in Australian waters is threatening our living ocean treasures. Popular table fish are being overfished, the bycatch of threatened species is pushing them closer to extinction, and deepwater corals over 2,000 years old are being trawled away in an instant.

The Australian Government has to ensure that our fisheries meet sustainability guidelines under environmental law. Fisheries failing to meet these guidelines cannot export seafood, and risk fines for failing to protect threatened species.

2021 is the year we can turn Australian fisheries around, save our threatened species, and boost our oceans’ health.

Six of Australia’s major fisheries, including its largest, are up for review this year.

With your support joining the thousands of ocean lovers just like you, let’s urge the Federal Environment Minister to put rules in place that improve Australia’s fisheries.

Will you join us and call for an overhaul of our fisheries?


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