Targeted Call Fisheries

Overhaul Six of Australia’s Major Fisheries

Let Minister Ley know that we need to overhaul and reform Australia’s fishery to protect our threatened and endangered wildlife.

We’d like to make calling as simple as possible for you, there is a sample guide below. 

Your passionate voice matters and you will be heard by a real person, please remember to be polite and respectful.

Office of the Federal Minister for the Environment Hon. Sussan Ley MP. Phone: (02) 6277 7920


Suggested script:


Thank you for taking my call, my name is (insert). I am ashamed and saddened to learn that Australian fisheries are still putting our endangered animals at an unacceptable risk of extinction. Reform of our fisheries is urgently needed.

Overfishing in Australian waters is threatening our living ocean treasures. Popular table fish are being overfished, endangered sharks are being sold for meat, the bycatch of threatened species is pushing them closer to extinction, and deepwater corals over 2,000 years old are being trawled away in an instant.

I’m grateful for your leadership when you forced rule changes in Queensland’s east coast fishery because of the risk it posed to endangered wildlife. I understand that throughout 2020 and 2021, you are reviewing several of Australia’s fisheries, including its largest.

I now encourage you to be a champion for the oceans and put rules in place for these fisheries. This will reduce the impact of commercial fishing on threatened and endangered animals across nearly two-thirds of Australia’s fishing grounds.

These rules include:

It is not too late, and you have the power to shape our oceans’ future.

Thank you for taking my call.