Targeted Email Marine Conservation

Urge NSW candidates to commit to greater protection for the oceans

The NSW state election is days away on Saturday 25 March.

Right now, on the eve of the NSW state election, make your voice heard and ask candidates to stand up for the oceans and wildlife. 

Use our quick online form to email your local election candidates, and ask them to commit to:

  1. Expand NSW’s ban on single-use plastics to include thick plastic bags, coffee cups containing plastic and deliberate balloon releases.
  2. Support marine sanctuaries in NSW waters to protect endangered wildlife.
  3. Remove shark nets and replace them with non-lethal solutions that improve safety for wildlife and humans alike.

NSW’s vulnerable marine life are voiceless in this election. Join us, convince politicians to commit to greater protection for our oceans and marine wildlife. Get in touch with your local candidates and tell them you care today.