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Support National Heritage listing for Exmouth Gulf

Exmouth Gulf is a diverse and globally significant environment. It has strong ecological connections with the renowned Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area, and is known as ‘Ningaloo’s nursery’.

The Gulf is a stronghold for threatened marine species, including dugongs, manta rays, turtles, dolphins and sawfish. It is also a critical resting and nursing area for one of the world’s largest humpback whale populations.

However, Exmouth Gulf is under threat of industrialisation.

We need to act now to protect this special place which is a rare beacon of hope in a world facing a biodiversity crisis, with critical declines in marine species and the risk of further extinctions.

Add your name to send an email to the Federal Minister for the Environment urging her to support National Heritage listing for Exmouth Gulf, as a key step towards its protection.

Image credit: Lewis Burnett.


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This action is a collaboration between Protect Ningaloo, and the Australian Marine Conservation Society

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