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Protect Perth’s coastal jewel - Marmion Marine Parks

The WA Government has announced a review of Marmion Marine Park, with plans to significantly increase its size!

Marmion Marine Park is a real jewel in the crown for Perth’s ocean lovers.

Millions of locals and visitors come to the park each year to enjoy its treasures – from snorkelling with the kids in the sheltered lagoon of Mettams Pool, to fishing with friends off Burns Beach, to boat trips to see wildlife around the islands.

The clear shallow lagoons, reefs, and small islands of Marmion Marine Park are home to a wide range of marine animals, including endangered Australian sea lions, vulnerable fairy terns, and seadragons.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to make sure we protect more of Perth’s iconic marine life and our lifestyles that depend on healthy coastlines.

Tell the WA Government why you support the Marmion Marine Park Review and help ensure it leads to the stronger protection our WA coast needs. 


Image credit: Weedy Seadragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus), male with eggs. Found in temperate coastal waters of Australia, from Geraldton, WA, to Port Stephens, NSW, and around Tas. Photo taken in Western Port Bay, Victoria, Australia. Gary Bell With Oceanwidelmages.

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