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Help protect Australia's world-heritage Macquarie Island!

The draft plan to TRIPLE the size of Australia’s Macquarie Island Marine Park in the Southern Ocean has been released. And the Albanese Government wants to know what you think! 

Macquarie Island is a World Heritage-listed site, globally significant for its geology, oceanography and ecology. 

Located 1,500 kilometres south of Tasmania and halfway to Antarctica, it’s a lush and windy wonderland teeming with wildlife, including albatross, seals, whales and penguins. Some species, such as the royal penguin, are found nowhere else on Earth.

But globally our oceans are in big trouble. Climate change, industrial fishing and pollution are putting increasing pressure on marine life across the Southern Ocean. 

Marine parks with large, highly protected sanctuaries are one of the best tools we have to help marine life build resilience and to keep our oceans healthy.

It’s critical that you have your say to ensure our unique and vulnerable Sub-Antarctic marine life gets the protection it needs and deserves. 

We need you to add your voice and help us flood the government with support for strong Sub-Antarctic sanctuary protection.


Image credit: Jamie Van Jones