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Increase protected areas in Great Sandy Marine Park

The Queensland government is reviewing the Great Sandy Marine Park and we have the opportunity to increase protection for endangered species.

The Great Sandy Marine Park is home to Australia’s most iconic, and endangered species. Green turtles, dugongs, humpback dolphins and grey nurse sharks are residents, and humpback whales and their calves visit to rest and play on their long migration.

The outstanding natural environment has supported popular fishing and wildlife tours and a unique coastal identity for the people of the Fraser Coast – but the current Great Sandy zoning plan has failed to protect them.

Only 4% of the total Marine Park is fully protected for fish and other marine life to breed, grow and live in peace.

Unbelievably, destructive gillnet fishing is still allowed in one of the most productive parts of the coast – the Great Sandy Strait.

Scientists and the local community are desperate to see better protection of this area to restore and replenish marine life.

The Queensland Government is due to release a newly revised zoning plan any day now.

Tell them they must ensure the new Great Sandy plan protects this treasured part of the Queensland coast.