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Protect threatened species hotspots on the Reef

The Reef is home to a huge diversity of threatened species like dugongs, turtles, dolphins and sawfish. Our reef should be a refuge for these species. Now more than ever, we need to do as much as we can to reduce local pressures on the reef – like unsustainable fishing practices.

Gillnets continue to threaten these iconic species. These nets are largely invisible, and species like dugongs and dolphins can quickly drown.

For the first time, AMCS and James Cook University have pulled together decades of published research to map three important elements: 

  1. Biologically important areas for threatened marine species,
  2. Commercial gillnet fishing pressure,
  3. Protected areas within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

View our mapping here.

Cape York, the Bowen-Whitsunday Region and the Gladstone-Capricorn Bunker Region are vital hotspots for so many threatened species. Yet in many of these areas there is little existing protection and high fishing pressure.

We need the Queensland Government to step in and protect species like dugongs, dolphins, turtles and sawfish in these important and highly biodiverse areas. 

Removing the threat of gillnets in protected species hotspots will save our reef icons from a sad death in commercial gillnets, helping to boost local populations and reef resilience.

Urge the Queensland government to protect our unique ocean wildlife in their critical habitats.