Pledge Plastic Pollution

Sign the Plastic Free Business Statement

Australians are devastated to see our pristine beaches and waterways filling up with plastic. None of us want to see mother birds feeding plastic to their babies any more. 

Take the pledge to reduce killer plastics in your supply chain, and ask the government to do the same.

Businesses like yours have the power to stem the flow of plastic into the environment, saving thousands of animal lives. Customers increasingly expect us to switch away from problem plastics to safe, earth friendly solutions, and they will reward businesses who do so.

Our government must play a leading role in tackling the scourge of plastic pollution.

Sign the plastic free business statement – and call on the government to do their part today!

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Australia’s Plastic Free Business Statement

As Australian businesses and organisations, we pledge to reduce or eliminate the 10 most lethal single-use plastics for ocean animals.

  1. Plastic shopping bags
  2. Plastic cutlery
  3. Plastic straws and stirrers
  4. Plastic fruit & veggie bags
  5. Balloons & balloon sticks
  6. Plastic bottles & lids
  7. Plastic takeaway containers
  8. Polystyrene containers
  9. Plastic lined coffee cups & lids
  10. Plastic cups, bowls & plates

Safe alternatives exist for all of these products, and it’s time to kick the habit.

We call on all Australian Governments to do the same, by passing unified legislation to ban these killer plastics and accelerate earth-safe alternatives for businesses.

Businesses need certainty, with unified legislation across the nation that gets on with replacing killer plastics in our supply chains.

It’s time to turn off the tap and stop plastic pollution flowing into our oceans.


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