PEP11 (Petroleum Exploration Permit 11) is a licence to explore for fossil gas. If renewed, it would allow drilling up to 3 kilometres below the ocean floor in Commonwealth waters of NSW.

PEP11’s proposed area is located just 5.5 kilometres from the NSW shore, spanning Manly through the Central Coast to Newcastle.

The proposal was cancelled by former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, however this decision was challenged in the courts by the company proposing this exploration, Asset Energy.[1]

Before the Australian federal election in 2022, both Scott Morrison (then Prime Minister) and leader of the Australian Labor Party, Anthony Albanese stated they opposed PEP11.

This proposed new gas test drilling project is now pending a decision in the courts, and will go back to the government for a final decision. We must urge the Albanese government to honour their promise, and stop this proposal to turn the tide on new oil and gas.

Granting the PEP-11 licence for offshore oil and gas drilling would set a dangerous precedent, affecting our east coast communities and precious marine life. At a time when Australia needs to drastically reduce our emissions to meet our 2015 Paris Agreement commitments, PEP-11 will simply lock in decades of disastrous climate pollution, and inflict serious harm on our marine environment and wildlife.

Right now, we have the opportunity to hold the government to this promise of rejecting PEP11.

No New Gas starts with PEP11, and starts with us.




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