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Ocean Colouring-in Activities for Kids!

by Dr Leonardo Guida September 14, 2021

With most of the country unfortunately still in lockdown, parents, teachers and carers are probably looking for new and creative ways to keep children entertained and learning.

To help, I’ve put together a few online resources, which you can easily use for education or entertainment. These activities focus on unique Australian shark and ray species – otherwise known as endemic sharks and rays.

Few Australians know about our endemics and the threat they face from overfishing.

They’re as unique as a koala and in just as much strife. Many live out of sight, far offshore and in the deep, dark depths.

Use these resources to discover more about our unique species and how you can help save them.

Aussie Sharks & Rays Colouring In Sheet

Get out your best colours and fire up that imagination.

True-Blue Aussie Sharks eBook

Meet Australia’s endemic sharks and rays and discover why they’re found nowhere else in the world, the threats the face, and how you can be their champion.