CGG  are proposing to conduct seismic blasting off the coast of Victoria near Warrnambool and the Apollo Marine Park as part of a project called Regia MSS.(1)

The seismic blasting, if allowed to happen, will be over critical calving grounds for the southern right whale and habitat of the blue whale. The seismic blasting zone will be 10km off Lady Julia Percy Island/Deen Maar, which has resident Australian sea lion populations, nesting birds, and other marine life sensitive to the damage caused by seismic blasting. 

Regia has indicated that their proposed activities would have negative impacts on wildlife including blue whales, dolphin, sea lions, lobster and fish species who live in the areas proposed for seismic blasting.

Large parts of CGG’s plan to conduct seismic blasting in this area is to be done under a Special Prospecting Authority (SPA). The SPA is a permit system that allows companies to side step the usual regulatory processes businesses have to go through. And it doesn’t end there, as CGG is planning to conduct seismic blasting over an area that overlaps the ocean floor where ConocoPhillips are conducting test drilling for gas. 

Our oceans are under multiple threats from offshore oil and gas exploration and we need to take action to end offshore oil and gas expansion.

Join us to turn the tide on new offshore oil and gas exploration and stop seismic blasting in our oceans




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