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Reject seismic blasting next to whale calving grounds

THANK YOU for helping to stop a new seismic blasting proposal searching for methane gas next to endangered whale calving grounds off the coast of Victoria.
There is still time to protect marine life by taking action to abolish Special Prospecting Authority permits that lead to some of the largest and most damaging seismic blasting in Australia’s oceans.

A multinational geotechnical company called CGG is trying to get regulatory approval to seismic blast over 3,000 square kilometres of Australia’s oceans.

The proposal includes plans to start seismic blasting just a few kilometres away from the last regular calving grounds for south-east Australia’s 300 remaining southern right whales. Seismic blasting would also occur directly inside crucial feeding areas for endangered pygmy blue whales.

AMCS map of CGG seismic blasting proposal - February 2024

The government regulator, NOPSEMA, is assessing whether or not to approve this new project and has opened up a short window for public comment. Now is our chance to tell NOPSEMA that we want CGG’s new seismic blasting proposal rejected to protect Australian marine life like southern right whales.

Send an email calling on NOPSEMA to reject this seismic blasting proposal using our form and prefilled submission guide.

Feature image: A mother and calf southern right whale in Australia. Photo by Lewis Burnett via Ocean Image Bank.

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