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Commercial fishing nets are entangling and killing protected species.

The Great Barrier Reef is an incredible ecosystem that supports globally significant populations of protected species like dugongs, turtles, snubfin dolphins and sawfish.

But our iconic marine wildlife is threatened by commercial fishing nets, where they are easily entangled and drown within minutes. Gillnets are indiscriminate killers, up to 1.2km long on the Great Barrier Reef. These nets cause carnage, capturing thousands of sawfish, turtles and dugongs every year.

In January this year, over 10,500 AMCS supporters wrote to the QLD Government to tell them how to better protect iconic species like turtles and sawfish. But the Minister is yet to take any action. We need your help to get the QLD Fisheries Minister’s attention on Twitter. 

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Photo in header supplied by WWF.

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