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Don’t let Coca-Cola derail Tasmania’s container refund scheme

Right now, plastic polluting companies like Coca-Cola are trying to get control of the upcoming Tasmanian Container Deposit Scheme.

Putting beverage companies in charge of managing container refunds would be a huge and unacceptable conflict of interest. 

Our beautiful whales and sea lions are drowning in a sea of plastic, with the drinks containers pumped out by beverage companies one of the big reasons there’s more and more plastic ending up in our oceans every day. If we don’t speak up for our ocean wildlife, nobody will.

Shockingly, the Tasmanian Labor Party is supporting Coca-Cola’s bid to seize control, trying to delay the new laws and get another review of Coca-Cola’s rejected proposal.

Will you take a moment to tell Labor not to support Coca-Cola?

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