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Save WA's marine life from offshore development

Right now, Woodside and BHP are planning for a massive marine development in Western Australia – right in the heart of the sensitive northwest coast.

If it succeeds, the Scarborough gas project will cause more than 40 million tonnes of carbon pollution every year. That’s more than 10 times Western Australia’s largest coal-fired power station!

And along the way, the incredible marine life of Western Australia’s northwest will have to survive construction and drilling. Turtle nesting beaches are in this area. Coral reefs and seagrass meadows are oases for humpbacks and dolphins, marine snakes and sawfish. Endangered pygmy blue whales migrate through the Scarborough field. All of these are susceptible to construction-related activities such as marine noise and light pollution, and vessel strike.

By sending an email to their investors and board members, you can let Woodside know they can’t trade the health of our oceans for industrial development and pollution.

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