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Take the pledge to stop plastic pollution!

We want you: Take the pledge to stop plastic pollution!

Did you know that by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in our oceans? 80% of this plastic on our coast and in our waters, is being generated from land. Litter is often lost or blown from inland, is thoughtlessly dropped, and makes its way through stormwater drains. Unless we want more plastic than fish in the sea — it’s our move. And we don’t have long.

Australia’s oceans contain the richest, most diverse life on Earth. Such global significance brings a global responsibility. We have a privilege and a duty to manage our oceans wisely and with the future in mind.

That’s why we’re recruiting a special group of people who will act to turn the tide on plastic pollution — and we want you! We’ve got a winning plan to stop plastic pollution choking our oceans. Together we can save our turtles, dolphins whales and sea life from being drowned in plastic.

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