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Protect Australia’s World Heritage Macquarie Island

Great news! The Australian Government has announced it’s planning to triple the size of the Macquarie Island Marine Park.

This opens the door to a once-in-a-decade opportunity to increase protection for one of the most spectacular environments on the planet.

The government’s proposed expansion ensures Macquarie Island gets the level of sanctuary protection it deserves, while continuing to accommodate the relatively well-managed and sustainable fishery. It will also make  a major contribution towards global efforts to protect our southern ocean.

Teeming with spectacular and unique wildlife, Australia’s World-Heritage Macquarie Island provides crucial habitat for penguins, seals, whales, fish and important migratory birds, such as albatross. Some species, such as the royal penguin are found nowhere else on Earth.

But climate change, industrial fishing and pollution are putting increasing pressure on marine life across the Southern Ocean. History shows that unless precious environments like this have strong protections in place, they fall victim to such threats.

As Australians, it’s our privilege and responsibility to safeguard the health of this rich and unique ecosystem by ensuring it is protected for future generations.

Join us in letting the Government know you support large and highly protected sanctuaries for Macquarie Island and its unique marine life!


Image credit: Agami / Marc Guyt