Targeted Email Climate Change

Urge your candidates to protect our reefs and our oceans

As rising temperatures damage corals from the Great Barrier Reef to Ningaloo, this is one of the most crucial elections of our times.

The commitments candidates make today will set the agenda for the next Australian Government. Their election promises will define the future of our oceans, which are threatened by rising temperatures, increasing pollution and destructive industrial development.

Our oceans are some of the richest on Earth, home to corals, turtles, dugongs, sharks, whales and dolphins.

If our treasured Great Barrier Reef and our incredible ocean wildlife are to have a chance, we need a government that will take leadership and commit to action.

There is hope.

Your voice is more powerful now than at any other time, while candidates are seeking your vote. By working together, we can make sure your candidates and future members of parliament commit to protect our precious marine life.

Send an email to your local candidates now – and demand action!