Email (Select Target) Climate Change

Raise Queensland's climate targets

Queensland has one of the lowest climate targets in the country… but you can help change that.

The Queensland government is reviewing their climate targets and we need your help to push their ambition higher.

Specifically, we need stronger emissions reductions targets to limit warming to 1.5 degrees – a critical temperature threshold for the survival of coral reefs. Pollution from burning fossil fuels is heating our planet at unprecedented rates, causing mass coral bleaching events, endangering sea turtle populations, and risking 64000 jobs the Reef supports.

Urge your MP to call for stronger climate targets now and cement Queensland as a leader in cutting fossil fuel pollution.


Your MP is your voice to parliament.

If they feel the pressure from voices within their electorate then the Queensland government will feel it too.

Contact your local MP to urge greater climate action to protect Queensland’s natural treasures from devastating heatwaves now.


Cut this to protect that - Tell QLD Governments that we need stronger climate targets now!